Caran D'Ache RNX 316

Caran d’Ache takes writing to the next level of high quality and innovation with its new RNX.316 collection. The name is code for the fusion of round and hexagonal – Caran d’Ache’s two iconic forms. The combination creates a fascinating design and a perfect grip for writing precision. The PVD Black is laser engraved to enhance both the PVD ceramic surface and the new shape. The RNX.316 Steel rollerball and fountain pen have an innovative system that allows for easy refill changes: unscrew the pen end and a counter-screw mechanism advances the writing block. The fountain pens are enhanced with a PVD-coated stainless steel nib in M, F and B widths, cartridge/converter fill. The ball pen and 0.7mm pencil have high-precision push-button mechanisms. Rediscover the pleasure of handwriting with the new shape and advanced technology of RNX.316! The collection now includes a multi-function pen to help you stay connected with paper or digital media. In stainless steel, embellished with a high-tech, pixelated pattern derived from a computer screen, it offers black, blue and red ballpoint pen points with a click activation, plus a conductive tip for touch screens – you can switch from paper to digital media in an instant!

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