125 Gran Sport

The Ducati 100 and 125 Gran Sport are milestones in the history of Ducati, and they are among the earliest examples of sports triumphs and commercial successes of the company. In fact, it was with the Gran Sport that Ducati increased it’s victories in races and became synonymous with reliability.
The Gran Sport were designed to participate in long distance races like the Giro d’Italia and the Milano-Taranto which crossed thousands of grueling kilometers and where no one ever stopped because of a mechanical failure. Another merit of the Gran Sport is that from the primary project of the engineer Fabio Taglioni, the living symbol of the motorcycle house, were derived the desmodromiche 125, the Grand Prix motorcycles of the time. The desmodromica distribution system was used for the first time on the 125, and to this day is a corner stone of Ducati.
It’s exclusive mechanics distinguish it from rest of the competition around the world, and makes it a leader for it’s refined technical aspects. Giuliano Mazzuoli wanted to remember this piece of history by designing a pen in the Officina line and calling it the 125 Gran Sport. As always, the pen is made in aluminum and it takes its inspiration from the air cooling wings that are typical on the racing motorcycles of Borgo Panigale, and have a knurled fi nish just like the motorcycles of the time. The pen is available in anodized red and super matt chrome in two functions: ball point pen with Easy Flow system and a 0.7 mm pencil.

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