Ducati Multiwriting


After creating a line of writing instruments under the Museo Ducati brand, 3.6.5 has produced for Ducati a new pen and a series of small leather goods.

The new Ducati pen is called “Multiwriting” because it has the possibility of having multiple writing functions in one pen. The pen is available in six versions: from the standard model that is only a ballpoint pen to the Multiwriting 4 version that has a series of accessories that make the product original and complete. Made from a solid piece of aluminum, the body of the pen is milled in such a way as to give the pen a very comfortable feel and an elegant shape while the cap balances the pen for a perfect writing style. The slightest attention to detail have been cared for and the pen is available in the three colors that represent the excellence of Ducati: red, black and brushed chrome.

The pen is inserted in a box that recalls the best of the world of Ducati and the made in Italy quality.

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