Giuliano Mazzuoli


The 3.6.5. manufactures and sells items for writing fully realized in the traditional way in the Florentine hills. The company expresses its products with the creative genius of the designer Giuliano Mazzuoli. Pens, pencils, fountain pens come from the approval of the classical canons of the objects for writing to reveal an authentic identity, which combines research design, functionality and aesthetics also renewed by modern color choices. Clean design, original forms, fine materials and workmanship make each pen 3.6.5 a jewel of craftsmanship, attention to every detail and made exclusively from a solid bar of aluminum, lightweight and durable. The entire line of writing Writing Tools “Tools for writing” is completely produced in Italy, in the heart of the Chianti region, drawing on the excellence of the region through the use of local raw materials and selected the expert workmanship of the place.

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