Montblanc Great Characters Walt Disney

The visionary Walt Disney is the inspiration for these Great Characters Special and Limited Editions.  Both feature images of Mickey Mouse on the barrel, Walt Disney’s signature on the cap, platinum-coated fittings, and the fountain pens sport Au750 gold nibs with Mickey engraving.

The Special Edition features a matte-black barrel with a Mickey portrait mold, yellow ring between thread and barrel, red ring near the cone, and the nib has an engraving of Mickey in the style from 1928. Available in fountain (M or F), roller, and ballpoint.

The Limited Edition 1901 features a black lacquer barrel with a Mickey portrait in the innovative scanimation which creates a hologram effect when spun. The platinum-coated metal clip has several lacquer inlays that render the shape of a steamboat smokestack. The nib has an engraving of Mickey in the later style. Available in fountain (M) or roller.

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