Pilot Vanishing Point LS

Vanishing Point is the world’s first and favorite family of luxury retractable fountain pens. The Vanishing Point
LS features a completely innovative and advanced design technology with a seamless “Click & Twist”
mechanism that retracts the nib effortlessly for a truly luxurious fountain pen writing experience. Pilot offers the
Vanishing Point LS in your choice of fine, medium, or broad 18-karat gold nib sizes. The black, blue, or
burgundy with rhodium accents have a stylized middle ring featuring a stunning diagonal turbine pattern, which
is a distinctive, new feature exclusively for the Vanishing Point LS. Also available in matte black with elegant
matte black accents and a striking red stripe, reminiscent of classical race cars, accentuates the twist
The fountain pen nib will retract seamlessly and smoothly with either the push of the top button or with a
gentle twist on the top of the pen to the right. Pilot’s patented design allows the nib to retract fully into the
barrel when not in use, making this marvel of a fountain pen engineering a smooth writing, luxury fountain pen
easily portable to take with you wherever you go.

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Showing all 2 results