Schon DSGN

Schon DSGN was founded on the idea of objects without compromises. Products with executions unwavering from the initial vision. Since its inception, founder Ian Schon has designed a line of EDC pens (everyday carry), created with the highest level of craft and finish in collaboration with local manufacturing partners in Massachusetts.

Ian strives to create heirloom quality objects that outlive their owners, the kind of products that have a very permanent feel, hence the solid metal construction of the pens.

It is very important to Ian that all products are made locally or in house so that he can be a part of the manufacturing process and ensure that his goods are produced to the highest quality and under safe and ethical working conditions.

Designed to be a compact, dependable pen that you can easily carry with you every day, The Classic Collection pen provides you that little bit of analog back to an increasingly digital lifestyle. From that quick receipt signature, to some notes or a sketch, these pens not only feel good to write with, but are a modern and sophisticated addition to your carry.

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